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In the meeting with a new client, we assist the client in filling out a series of questionnaires and also ask series of questions that help clearly define our client’s goals and objectives, strengths and weaknesses, organization, needs, and budget.


After the initial meeting, we examine our findings and use this information to frame a recommended creative or advertising strategy. Then we start to work on the research & analysis what is advantage on your need. Exploring all the possibility and select a few best options. During this stage, various potential concepts are considered for your

creative and advertising needs.


Once concept development is finalized, we go full power on the design production to achieve clients' target. Keep fining tone what we have created until we are 100% confidence with our creative and design which we will present. We personally customize and direct the appropriate fields of production according to the needs of your project. 


Before the final production, those projects that require Pre-Press & Pre-Production: Files are set up for press in order for the appropriate vendor to tangibly produce them. But whether your own vendor or ours, we will work with whomever you choose to ensure successful production. During the production stage, we remain informed of all details and stay in touch with the vendor during this time until project completion.


We will keep checking the feedback after the product or advertising were launched. Review and chat with clients in a regular bases is a must in order to know more of their needs during different period of time. And all the files we did for clients is welly kept in our data base as record. We can easily track back your record for future collaboration.

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